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Flashback on my medical school reunion and an earlier post on insulin treated diabetes and the commercial truck driver.

Here’s a flashback from the past, on a show I did with Allen Smith on commercial drivers and insulin treated diabetes a few years back around 2010.  Actually we talked about a host of other topics related to commercial driving as well, including what was then the upcoming National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.  How appropriate is a flashback at this time since I’ve just spent the weekend in San Francisco hanging out with some of my medical school classmates from the Stony Brook NY Med class of 1993.  Unbelievably, its been more than 20 years since graduating med school and seeing some of these guys.  They are all doing well and it feels kinda nice that we all basically just reconnected like we just got back from spring break.  Time is relative I guess.  What else did I learn from this reunion?  Well, not to bore any one with too many details (in one post) but it seems that my patient the optometrist is right in telling me that once you are over 40 you need glasses, whether you know it or not.  I realized during diner that I couldn’t read the menu in the restaurant and was holding the candle light up, trying to make out the selections.  It made me laugh, remembering earlier in the day in broad daylight how my former classmates simultaneously and in perfect unison quickly whipped out their reading glasses to look at the lunch menu.  These guys are making me feel old I thought.  When one classmate noticing my efforts offered me a pair of his eyeglasses I resisted at first and tried to laugh it off again, but I guess after 20 years not only is peer pressure still effective but works like a charm, like giving in to your spouse.  Resistance is truly futile!  But lo and behold, the letters on the menu suddenly appeared bigger and brighter.  Yes I knew we were in an Indian restaurant, but without those pair of glasses my visual cortex was unable to fully record and confirm that fact.  Well, no proper friend or friends would miss an opportunity such as this.   Camera lights started flashing, and the pseudo-paparazzi at the table quickly recorded the moment.

Now I’m just looking to get back to work as I’m sure these guys are.  More importantly I look forward to the next reunion ( hopefully more people will come).  Whether it’s 3 years or 10 years from now, I know it will still be like we all just got back from spring break…

Passing the DOT medical exam for truck drivers who have diabetes. What are the guidelines for a truck driver with insulin controlled diabetes?

via Insulin Diabetes and the Commercial Truck Driver.

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